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07/03/15 Heidelberg

09/11/15 Aalen
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04/14/2015 - Running order for METAL FRANCONIA 2015

04/12/2015 - NEXT SHOW

03/08/2015 - New date scheduled

The cancelled show at the Schwimmbadclub Heidelberg will now take place

on July, 03. , 2015!

The pre-saled tickets keep their validity!

03/05/2015 - Heidelberg - show cancelled!!!

DISBELIEF are also hit by the big influenca - epidemic in Germany and forced to cancel

the show tomorrow at the Schwimmbadclub in Heidelberg! Any further information

you will find in the promoter´s statement! Sorry to all fans!!

12/11/2014 - NEWS DECEMBER 2014

As you probably already recognized the vocals on the new MORGOTH -album

were done by DISBELIEF- vocalist Karsten "Jagger" Jäger.

He will also do the upcoming shows with the band!

This will have no effect on the writing process of the new DISBELIEF album,

the pre-production of the first new songs will start in January,2015 and more

DISBELIEF- shows will be confirmed for the next year as well!

Stay tuned!